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Mad Men Movies

Mad-Men-Season-3This weekend’s biggest onscreen event isn’t in movie theaters, it’s on the small screen — the premiere of the third season of AMC’s smash hit, Mad Men. While we’re looking forward to another season of chic outfits, flagrant adultery, and on-the-job cocktail hours, what we really love is the behind the scenes drama of the advertising world. Before we head back to 1960s New York, let’s take a look at our favorite funny films about admen and women, after the jump…










Beer, 1985


Firmly set in the 1980s, ‘Beer’ is a hilarious cautionary tale of the excesses of the advertising world. When three ordinary guys become the spokesperson for a beer company, things start to go downhill for everyone involved. Don Draper could learn a lesson from these guys.



How to Get Ahead in Advertising, 1989




A British farce about an adman with a really bad attitude, a boil and a mental breakdown.



Crazy People, 1990




Yet another story of an unstable pitchman. Only this one, played by Dudley Moore, ends up in the nuthouse, where his career really takes off.


image: AMC

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