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Pakkun the Wolf and His Dinosaur Friends

By Yasuko Kimura

PakkunWhen one of Mrs. Hen’s eggs rolls away from its nest and down a hole, little Pakkun the Wolf dashes after it. The hole, however, is no ordinary hole in the ground—it leads both the egg and Pakkun to the Land of Dinosaurs. Astounded but undaunted, Pakkun soon makes friends with pint-sized Ptera. Together they search the vast sea, sky, and land for Mrs. Hen’s egg. Along the way, the two encounter friendly and not-so-friendly prehistoric creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Following the good advice of a friendly Saurapod, Pakkun and Ptera find themselves in the Valley of Dinosaur Eggs. What happens next will amaze and delight readers just as it does Pakkun and Ptera.

About the Author:
Acclaimed Japanese children’s book author Yasuko Kimura is known for her unique world of imagination with its eye-catching “cu-gly” (ugly, but cute) characters. Kimura has written a number of books, including Fergus, Fergus and the Sea Monster, Fergus and the Snow Deer, The Magical Fish, and the Pakkun the Wolf series. She was a winner of the Critici in Erba Prize for the best illustrated book for young readers at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1986 for Today Is Not My Day. Her whimsical world is beloved by many, both young and old.

Picture Book
32 pages, 8 1/4 x 9 3/4
18 Illustrations
Lexile: 340L
US$16.99 CAN$19.99
May 2015

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