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Limone sul Garda

Italian Village Where Residents Live to Over 100 Years Old The breathtaking beauty and sheer size of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, makes it a popular holiday destination for Italians and foreigners alike. Picturesque towns line the lake’s shores, making a tour of the entire 90-mile (145-km) shoreline a delight. But Limone sul Garda, on the narrower, more ... Read More »

Cast of Characters

Max Knight (35) Max is a world-renowned American genetics researcher and professor, a licensed medical doctor, and a Nobel Prize candidate. But in spite of his exceptional mind and successful career, his is a tortured soul. A dark family secret haunts him. Unlocking that secret drives him, even if it means fighting against the Fourth Reich to obtain the data ... Read More »

The Gene of Life

TED TAKASHIMA Berlin, July 2008. After giving a lecture, Max Knight, a Nobel Prize candidate and professor of genetic research, is kidnapped. His captors show him part of a corpse, a left hand, discovered when a bomb exploded at a neo-Nazi rally. Although the hand appears to be that of a male in his forties, it actually belongs to a ... Read More »

I Believe in You

Tyrannosaurus Series, Book 8 Tatsuya Miyanishi When an earthquake traps her parents in a cave, Rikayla, a little Triceratops, goes in search of help. Saichania, Pachycephalosaurus, Anatotitan, and Styracosaurus all try and fail to move the huge rock that blocks the entrance to the cave, Rikayla bravely seeks the strongest and fiercest of all: the Tyrannosaurus. He agrees to help, ... Read More »

Holiday Reads from Museyon

“We deliver to you stories of hope and graciousness during this dark year.” Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World I Will Never Forget You Lust, Lies and Monarchy THE WALL 1. Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World (ISBN 978-1-940842-45-5, Yutaka Kobayashi, picture book, 40 pages, $17.99) Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World ... Read More »

THE WALL: Author’s Note

1980s. El Paso, New Mexico, USA In the spring of the year I graduated from university, I visited the embankment of the Rio Grande River. The towns, and the river itself, often appear in Westerns. Upon crossing the river, I found myself in the Mexican city of Juárez. On the opposite bank, I spotted many young Mexicans sitting around. “They’re ... Read More »

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