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Island Hopping: L’avventura

Lisca BiancaWe’ve got Italy on the mind today, and with it, one of our favorite on-location films, L’avventura, Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1960 mystery at sea. The film tells the story of a wealthy group of friends who set off on a yachting tour of Aeolian Islands during the height of summer. When the land upon the seemingly deserted island of Lisca Bianca, one member of their party goes missing. While we don’t advocate pulling a disappearing act, we understand wanting to linger in this gorgeous part of the world.


The Aeolian islands are a volcanic archipelago off the coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian sea. In the summer they’re a popular tourist destination, and it’s easy to see why — the Sicilian sun, sea and black-sand beaches. Each of the seven islands, and the various smaller islets that dot the sea, has its own personality to discover, from the relaxing mud baths of Volcano (as long as you don’t mind the sulfur stink that permeates the island) to Pannera’s upscale hotels and quiet beaches. Today, only one of the islands — Stromboli — is still active, and it regularly puts on impressive shows of light. L’avventura isn’t the only time the Aeolian islands starred on the big screen, you can also see the island of Salvina in the film ‘Il Postino,’ featured in Museyon’s Guide to Film + Travel. 


To get a taste of the Aeolian Islands for yourself, check out L’avventura on The Auteurs. Our new favorite way to watch movies, The Auteurs, an online community from the venerable Criterion Collection, where film lovers can stream and discuss their favorite movies.

image of Lisca Bianca: Giulio Carcani/Flickr

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