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Art + Paris Impressionists

The Ultimate Guide to Impressionist Paris

A+P_MONETIn 19th-century Paris, a group of avant-garde artists stood up to the establishment and started a cultural revolution. Today, they’re known as the Impressionists. See Paris through the eyes of these revolutionary artists.

 Step into the revolutionary lives of the Impressionists with Art+Paris, the most comprehensive guidebook to Impressionism for the armchair traveler, lovers of Paris, and educators alike.

Illustrated with hundreds of beautiful, full-color photos and maps. this unique guide combines an introduction to late 19th-century art history with reproductions of famous Impressionist masterpieces, walking tours and detailed listings of the city’s art-related sites.

Art + Paris creates a vivid portrait of life in the 19th century and brings the reader along for the ride through four sections:

  • A complete background course on Impressionism covering the dramatic lives of the artists and the group’s struggle to be recognized by the establishment in comprehensive biographies and engaging essays recounting their battle with the Salon.
  • Illustrated listings of 150 must-see Impressionist paintings in Paris with the stories behind the art.
  • Easy-to-follow tours that bring the reader into the streets of Paris to explore the places where the artists lived, fell in love, found inspiration and placed their easels to paint these famous works.
  • An extended-travel journey through the French countryside, exploring Normandy and the quaint Paris suburbs where the artists learned to paint en plein air, out in the open air.

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July 2011

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