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Chronicles of Old New York


By James Roman

The history of New York is written in its streets; uncover it with Chronicles of Old New York from Museyon Guides. Discover 400 years of innovation through the true stories of the visionaries, risk-takers, dreamers, and schemers who built Manhattan. Then see it for yourself with nine historical walking tours, illustrated with detailed maps and full-color photographs. Witness life when Greenwich Village was a bucolic suburb and disease was a fact of daily life. Explore the city’s dark side, from the slums of Five Points to Harlem’s Prohibition-era speakeasies, and find out which park covers a sea of unmarked graves.

Chronicles of Old New York: Exploring Manhattan’s Landmark Neighborhoods is enjoyable for history buffs, New York residents, and NYC tourists alike. It includes:

  •  25 meticulously researched articles on dramatic stories from Manhattan history including episodes from the lives of John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Stanford White, Gertrude Whitney, Donald Trump, and more
  •  58 historical maps, plus 118 photographs and illustrations from the collections of the New York Public Library, New-York Historic Society, New York University Archive, Smithsonian Institute, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and the Museum of the City of New York
  •  Sidebars on taverns, townhouses, architecture, and neighborhoods
  •  Detailed timeline of historical events
  •  Walking tours of nine historic New York neighborhoods, including detailed maps, color photographs and subway directions
  •  Cover design by Jose Antonio Contreras

About the Author:
A third-generation New Yorker, James Roman has regaled listeners with his chronicles of old New York as a real estate broker and sales manager for 15 years in Manhattan, and as a lecturer at the Real Estate Board of New York andNew York University.

ISBN 978-0-9822320-6-4
Trade Paperback
208 pages, 5 1/4 x 8

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