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Looking at ‘Looking at Music: Side 2’

Stephanie Chernikowski, Sonic Youth, 1983

Stephanie Chernikowski, Sonic Youth, 1983

Well consider our minds blown. New York’s Museum of Modern Art has done it again, this time with the exhibition Looking at Music: Side 2, and its matching film counterpart, a mashup of Museyon’s favorite things: Film, Music and Art.
There’s no denying that for an artist, New York was a pretty cool place to be in the 70s and early 80s. The city’s legendary clubs Max’s Kansas City and CBGB were cultural incubators where musicians, artists, writers and weirdos freely shared ideas. Now, MoMA is celebrating that moment with a collection of ephemera — music videos, super-8 films, drawings, photographs, and zines — from an all-star cast of the Blank Generation bigwigs including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Blondie, Richard Hell, Sonic Youth, and Patti Smith.

The show runs until Nov. 30, so there’s still time to catch it. Can’t make it to Manhattan? Then be sure to check out the museum’s awesome, interactive online exhibition.
Photo: Stephanie Chernikowski, Sonic Youth, 1983. Courtesy the Museum of Modern Art.

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