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Cars of the Stars

cars-of-the-starsEarlier this week we talked about ‘Mad Max’ and its four-wheeled star, The Interceptor. Well, car fanatics can get up close and personal with the real-life car, and many others, at the Cars of the Stars motor museum. Just rev your engine and head to Keswick, England.

The museum boasts about 50 cars in its collection, running from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to a collection of Batmobiles and more than 20 vehicles from the James Bond film series. The museum has all kinds of vehicles from TV and film, each displayed in its original setting, complete with sound and lighting. That’s enough to make famed car collector Jay Leno jealous. 

Roth’s Mail Box trike, built by Jim Jacob, photo by COOP666/Flickr

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