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Freudian Flicks


The folks over at the IFC have noticed there are a lot of shrinks on the big screen today. In fact, this year’s Sundance Film Festival played host to not one, but two, movies about therapists in turmoil. One of them, Jonas Spate’s ‘Shrink‘ hits theaters in New York and LA this week. It’s the story of a burnt-out Hollywood psychoanalyst (Kevin Spacey) with a penchant for pot, who takes on a difficult pro-bono case as his own life is falling apart. 

 Video after the jump…

Sure, psychoanalysis is no new subject for film — after all Woody Allen made a career as the neurotic in-treatment lothario — but why is it such a hot topic all of a sudden? Tune in as the IFC’s Alison Willmore and Matt Singer discuss the recurring theme of therapy in film. 

photo: One From RM/Flickr

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