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(Way) Behind the Scenes

Where the Wild Things ArePeople have been buzzing about the the latest Spike Jonze project for a while now — and for a lot of good reasons. Not only is the cultishly popular director remaking Maurice Sendak‘s beloved children’s book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are,‘ with writer and McSweeney’s founder Dave Eggers, there’s also been a nice batch of studio drama for some added intrigue. Long story short: The film was originally planned for 2000, but pushed back and then entirely reshot in 2008 to better match Jonze’s vision. Now, ‘Wild Things’ is finally set for release this October, with Sendak fully supporting the project.

One reason in particular that we’re loving the film is We Love You So, the behind-the-scenes blog reporting all the action and influences that go into making a Spike Jonze film. Entries go back to April and you can get inspiration in the form of Marcel Dzama illustrated music videos, peeks into the Sendak vault and some very cool snacks. Here’s hoping more film makers — especially ones as interesting as Jonze — get in on the blogging bandwagon.  [via Viceland]

See a featurette with Sendak, Jonze and Eggers (from Hollywood.com) after the jump…



Image: Max Records as Max in ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ courtesy Warner Bros.

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