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San Fran Hitchcock Style

vertigo“San Francisco would be a good location for a murder mystery,” said Alfred Hitchcock as he observed the Golden Gate Bridge on his first trip to San Francisco, the city that stars in some of his best known films. And here at Museyon, we love San Francisco just as much as we love Hitchcock. Need proof? In our guide to Film + Travel, writer Liz Brown talks about the director’s love affair with the city — in fact, we even used a scene from ‘Vertigo’ as our cover (reimagined by our amazing illustrator Jillian Tamaki, of course). 

Well we’re not the only ones who have traveled SF through Hitchcock’s lens. Over at Footsteps in the Fog, writers Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal have compiled some of the most famous locations from ‘The Birds,’ ‘Shadow of a Doubt,’ and ‘Vertigo.’ You’ll also find the Grace Cathedral from ‘Family Plot’, the inspiration for the Bates Mansion of ‘Psycho,’ and the train station from ‘Marnie’ (the three finds are sadly relegated to the “Other Film” section). 

Need more Hitch? Check out the Alfred Hitchcock Wiki, for tons of trivia and info on all things Hitchcock. 

Image: Vertigo Trailer/Wikimedia Commons

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