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Extended Travel: Rosslyn, Scotland

  Ever since 2003 when Dan Brown published his international sensation The Da Vinci Code, fans and conspiracy theorist have been flocking to Rosslyn Chapel outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. The chapel plays a pivotal role in the book and the film starring Tom Hanks, which came out in 2006 and since then, tourism to the site has risen by 56% ... Read More »

Extended Travel: Stirling, Scotland

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands,’ Stirling has been an important part of Scottish history since Roman times due to it’s location at the base of the Scottish hills and its defensible crag and tail hill.   The city today is best remembered for its strategic importance in the Wars of Scottish Independence which involved freedom fighters William Wallace ... Read More »

Extended Travel: Dunfermline, Scotland

  Once the capital of Scotland, Dunfermline in county Fife may not currently be up to the standards of its past glory, suffering the nickname the “Dormitory of Edinburgh” due to the many people who live there and commute into the larger city for work, but with a rich history that extends back nearly 2,000 years, it is a worthy ... Read More »

Extended Travel: Glamis Castle, Scotland

“Glamis thou art” “and yet woulds’t wrongly win: thou’dst have great Glamis” – Macbeth, Shakespeare In County Angus, Scotland, not far from Edinburgh and Dundee, down a winding, two-lane road, lays one of the most famous castles you might never have heard of; Glamis Castle, full of medieval lore and modern history, the location of Shakespeare’s Scottish play and where ... Read More »

Museyon’s Guide to…RockNess

Now in it’s fourth year, RockNess will be rocking the shores Loch Ness later this week from June 11th to the 13th with headliners Fat Boy Slim (who played the first festival in 2006), Leftfield (whom haven’t played a show in four years) and The Strokes. If you still haven’t bought your ticket, they are still available and with the ... Read More »

Film + St. Andrews, Scotland

Started in 1410, St. Andrews is the oldest University in Scotland and the third oldest in the English speaking world. The main part of the city only extends over four streets but since its history reaches as far back as the 8th century, there is a wealth to see packed into the small area.   One oft-overlooked section of St. ... Read More »

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Real-Life Hogwart’s Locations

  So, it was not without some measure of child-like excitement that we flipped through the recently released shots of the soon-to-open Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. There’s just something about J.K. Rowling’s creation—the books, the movies, the toy wands—that turns even skeptical muggle adults into wide-eyed kiddies. Certainly, the pictures of ... Read More »

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