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Museyon’s Guide to…RockNess

SafenessNow in it’s fourth year, RockNess will be rocking the shores Loch Ness later this week from June 11th to the 13th with headliners Fat Boy Slim (who played the first festival in 2006), Leftfield (whom haven’t played a show in four years) and The Strokes. If you still haven’t bought your ticket, they are still available and with the addition of Vampire Weekend and some well-known comedy acts in the mix, it is well worth the trip north into the Highlands.
The festival takes place at Clune Farm in the absolutely wee village of Dores, Scotland, population 230. The festival claims to be the “the most beautiful festival in the world” and “the only festival with its own monster,” a reference to Nessie of course. As for the most beautiful claim, Loch Ness isn’t just about its monster and is Scotland’s largest lake by volume and second largest by surface area. In fact, it contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined! The famous medieval stronghold of Urquhart Castle sits on the western shore of the loch and it is here where most of the Nessie sitings take place.

RockNess is kind enough to provide festivalgoers with a checklist however, we would strongly advise adding wellies (or rainboots) to their list of provisions. It is Scotland after all and even in the summer, it rains an awful lot. Bringing a sweatshirt or other layers of warm clothes you will find helpful as well because again, it may be summer but it is also Scotland and 50 degree temperatures aren’t unheard of.

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