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Picture Perfect: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is an island with many faces, from bustling San Juan to biolumeniscent bays of Bahia Mosquito. Join your guide Jose Lustre, Jr., as he tours the birthplace of Oscar-winning actors Benicio Del Toro, Rita Moreno, and José Ferrer. Visit the historical sites of San Juan seen in Amistand and the untouched beaches of Viques captured in Lord of the Files. Then be sure to stop by “El Radar,” the colossal radio telescope that has inspired both scientists and the directors of Contact and GoldenEye.


About Your Guide: Jose Lustre, Jr., saw Apocalypse Now as at 14-year-old and immediately planned a visit to Saigon. He made good on his promise and has since outrun a rock avalanche in the Himalayas, been hit by a truck in Indonesia and people-watched in downtown Ramallah. He recovers in Los Angeles, where he is a writer and IT manager. He holds a degree in Print Journalism and Film Production from the University of Southern California.

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