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Ideas of North: Canada

canadaHead to Hollywood North and explore the country that has stood in for the rest of the world. Museyon Guide Jason Anderson visits the “Paris” of The Moderns, the “New York” of Capote and The Incredible Hulk and the “Wyoming” of Brokeback Mountain — just a few places Canada has played onscreen. For a taste of Canada’s own cinematic history, stop by the Toronto International Film Festival or head to idyllic Prince Edward Island, the real-life home to the fictional Anne of Green Gables. Craving a little more adventure? Join Anderson to see a side of Canada rarely seen by tourists — icy Inukjuak, captured in 1922’s Nanook of the North.

About Your Guide: Jason Anderson writes about film for such publications as Cinema Scope, Toronto’s Eye Weekly, The Globe and Mail and Artforum.com. In the process, he has covered festivals in Cannes, Toronto, Vancouver and park City, Utah. He also teaches film criticism at the University of Toronto.

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