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Funky Friday: Funk Carioca

Brazil has produced more than its fair share of danceable music — samba, bossa nova and tropicalia, just to name a few. But none makes us want to hit the club more than funk carioca, Rio’s hometown brew of funky, freaky and downright dirty dance music. This relatively new brand of Brazilian dance music is an offshoot of Miami bass and freestyle, born from the favelas and featuring a mixture of socially conscious and sexed-up lyrics. If you ever want to get your dance on in Rio, just look for the Baile Funk — that’s the name parties playing the sound. But before you go, get in the know and check out ‘Favela on Blast.’ Directed by globe-hopping, genre-defying DJ Diplo, the 2007 film looks at the scene behind the sound, featuring big-name acts like Deize Tigrona, Mr Catra and Duda Do Borell.

Favela on Blast_MAIN USA TEASER from Leandro HBL on Vimeo.

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