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Oh What a Night!

Last night Museyon Guides celebrated the official launch of our first release — Film + Travel. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to everyone who bought the book. Thanks to all the Museyon Guides who made it, including Liz Brown (our expert on Italy), Alavro Ceppi (our Guide in Chile), Enrique Ramirez (your guide to Scandinavia and Mexico) and Nisha Gopalan (who covered our hometown — New York City). Two authors from our upcoming Music + Travel series were also on hand, Nick Frisch (your guide to experimental music in Beijing) and Siobhan O’Leary (who explored Berlin’s techno scene). And those of you who couldn’t make it … stay tuned for a peek at what you missed.

A huge thanks goes out to our gracious hosts at Idlewild Books, to Vibrant Rioja for keeping the vino flowing, and to the fabulous photographer Kerstin Hecker for getting it all on film. And of course, thanks to our fearless leaders, Publisher Akira Chiba and Editor-in-Chief Anne Ishii for making Museyon happen.

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