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News: The Concise Dictionary of Dress

curatorsCommissioned by Artangel, the British non-profits arts organization supported by the Arts Council of England, fashion curator for the Victoria and Albert Museum Judith Clark and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips together have created a psychological look at clothing in their new exhibition, The Concise Dictionary of Dress.
The exhibition “re-describes clothing in terms of anxiety, wish and desire, as a series of definitions” by the display of photographs, castings and actual clothing. If this exhibition description leaves you perplexed, consider this when buying a ticket: the show takes place inside the storage space of the V&A, Blythe House, the former home of the Post Office Savings Bank in Olympia. Here the museum keeps thousands of pieces of furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles and jewelry when not on display. The works in The Concise Dictionary of Dress are installed scattered amongst all of these stored holdings giving the visitor not only a tour of an intriguing exhibit but also a space very few are privy to.
Tickets can be purchased here and are 12.50, 10.00 concession
The Concise Dictionary of Dress is on display now through June 27th.
Blythe House, London, W14 0QX – +44 (0)20 7713 1400

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