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New Jamacian Museum Holds Open Calls For Reggae Artifacts

reggae-030910And by “Reggae artifacts” we’re not talking about your CD of “Bob Marley: Legend” or that woven beanie you bought Freshman year. Rather, Herbie Miller, the curator of a forthcoming museum of Reggae music under development in Kingston, Jamaica is asking the public to contribute any relevant or valuable mementos relating to the island nation’s top cultural export. Already, the museum, which has yet to confirm its location or name, is in the possession of several rare Marley recordings and other items. However, since the archives at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation were apparently stolen or simply discarded, many of the remnants of Reggae’s history remain in private hands. Hopefully, collectors will answer the call and we’ll see the museum launch next year. In the meantime, to get deep into the history of 12 different global music traditions, snap up a copy of our “Music + Travel Worldwide: Touring the Globe Through Sounds and Scenes”. (USA Today)

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