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Behind The Scene: Brisbane

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The recipe for a rock ‘n’ roll explosion is simple: Take a bunch of frustrated teenagers. Mix equal parts isolation and desolation. Stir in a lot of boredom and add a conservative society for good measure. That’s exactly what gave birth to Brisbane, Australia’s mid-’70s art rock revolution. 


From the moment The Saints released their genre-defining “(I’m) Stranded” — arguably the first punk rock record — in 1976, Australia’s “little bands” began developing a breezy take on 1960s rock ‘n’ roll, creating a lo-fi, DIY sound with a distinctly “Down Under” vibe. 


To get the story of how it all started — from the people who made it all happen — check out “Brisbane Bands.” The 1988 documentary, which originally aired on “Rock Arena” on Australia’s ABC TV, follows the rise of Brisbane rock from underground scene in a conservative city to internationally influential movement, as told by the likes of punk pioneers The Saints and indie rockers The Go-Betweens. It also features some totally awesome 80s computer graphics and plenty of very cool tunes. (Thanks to Maxwell for the tip!)



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