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Before and After Tyranny: Chile



Chilean cinema was almost nonexistant during the repressive rule of Augusto Pinochet. But since the ’90s, a new generation of filmmakers have revived a film industry still dealing with the lasting trauma of everyday violence. Join filmmaker Alvaro Ceppi as he explores Chile’s cinematic landscape from the capital city of Santiago to the port city of Valparaíso, and from nearby Tunquen to Isla Negra, the home of poet Pablo Neruda.

About Your Guide: Alvaro Ceppi is a filmmaker who has directed more than 40 music videos for various Chilean acts. In 2002, along with three partners, he formed Sólo por las Niñas Audiovisual (Only for the Girls AV), an animation and live-action studio. Their works include two animated TV shows, Block! and Experimento Wayapolis, which Ceppi wrote and directed. Both shows won Chilean Television Council Fund Awards. People of the world can see their work at www.spln.cl.

photo: iStock

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