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The Tyrannosaurus has Arrived! ROARRRRR!

One of the most popular children’s books from Japan, You Look Yummy!, is the first book in our Tyrannosaurus series that has sold more than 3 million copies in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and France.

Author/artist Tatsuya Miyanishi highlights the importance of the love between father and son by showing that bonds can grow just as strong, even in a case of mistaken identity, as they do between actual relations—possibly even stronger. YUMMY will capture readers’ hearts as they understand what family REALLY means and say, “I can’t wait to be JUST LIKE YOU, Daddy.”

Introducing Yummy
Yummy_Ankylo Yummy is an adorable baby Ankylosaurus.

The name means “fused lizard”
Its habitat was Western North America
It could grow to a length of 30 feet
It could weigh up to 6 tons
Its diet consisted of ferns and other low-growing vegetation
It lived in the late Cretaceous Age, which was 68-66 million years ago

The Ankylosaurus is a very famous armored dinosaur. All other armored dinosaurs belong to the class Ankylosauria, which gets its name from this dinosaur.

During the time period that Ankylosaurus roamed the North American continent, a number of large, dangerous predators were also on the prowl, including Tyrannosaurus. Ankylosaurus was a slow-moving herbivore and needed protection from those hungry hunters.

This protection came in the form of sharp spikes on their bodies, and a long heavy hammer tail that could be used to break the legs of its enemies. Even the eyelids of the Ankylosaurus were plated for protection. (from http://www.kidsdinos.com)

You Look Yummy! on TV and in the Movies
Originally titled “Omae Umasou dana” (You Look Yummy), the creature has also been introduced in a TV animation and in movies. Enjoy sample clips below!

TV animation


For more information about this title, check out You Look Yummy! by Tatsuya Miyanishi!

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