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Extended Travel: Rosslyn, Scotland

  Ever since 2003 when Dan Brown published his international sensation The Da Vinci Code, fans and conspiracy theorist have been flocking to Rosslyn Chapel outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. The chapel plays a pivotal role in the book and the film starring Tom Hanks, which came out in 2006 and since then, tourism to the site has risen by 56% ... Read More »

Extended Travel: Glamis Castle, Scotland

“Glamis thou art” “and yet woulds’t wrongly win: thou’dst have great Glamis” – Macbeth, Shakespeare In County Angus, Scotland, not far from Edinburgh and Dundee, down a winding, two-lane road, lays one of the most famous castles you might never have heard of; Glamis Castle, full of medieval lore and modern history, the location of Shakespeare’s Scottish play and where ... Read More »

Spotlight On…The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

Now in it’s 11th year, The Edinburgh Corn Exchange is one of the best places in Edinburgh to see live touring acts with a medium to large audience. Situated away from the city center of the Royal Mile and Prince’s Street in the suburb of Chesser, the Exchange functions not only as a state of the art concert venue, but ... Read More »

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