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Chronicles of Old San Francisco

San Francisco is such a modern, progressive city that it is easy to forget just what a rich history it has. The eighth title in Museyon’s Chronicles series, Chronicles of Old San Francisco explores the City by the Bay, beginning when a storm blew English buccaneer Sir Francis Drake and his ship, the Golden Hind, off course. Setting anchor at ... Read More »

The Inspiration of ‘Howl’

  As a radical youth, Ginsberg was famous in New York for being one of the founding leaders of the Beatnik generation but it wasn’t until his long-form, stream of consciousness poem ‘Howl’ was put to print that he became known all over America. Upon publication in a McCarthy era America, ‘Howl’ was deemed obscene and Ginsberg was put to ... Read More »

News: Allen Ginsberg’s Apt For Rent

Today writer E.V. Grieve reports on his blog that the apartment at 437 E. 12th St., on the fourth floor, where Allen Ginsberg lived from 1975 to 1996 is up for rent; until a year ago, the apartment was occupied by Ginsberg’s partner, the poet Peter Orlovsky, who recently passed.   The real estate listing for the apartment states that ... Read More »

Chronicles: Ginsberg’s NYC

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…   As a poet, writer, activist and founding member of the Beatniks, Allen Ginsberg spoke for a generation. A generation striving to give a voice to the drug use, racism and oppression that fueled inner-city America in the 1950s, a voice idealism and optimism from a ... Read More »

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