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News: Allen Ginsberg’s Apt For Rent

Ginsberg's AptToday writer E.V. Grieve reports on his blog that the apartment at 437 E. 12th St., on the fourth floor, where Allen Ginsberg lived from 1975 to 1996 is up for rent; until a year ago, the apartment was occupied by Ginsberg’s partner, the poet Peter Orlovsky, who recently passed.
The real estate listing for the apartment states that “The residence was a home to Allen Ginsberg a famous American poet.” Indeed. The one bedroom, one bath is priced at $1,700, a relative steal for living in a piece of history, though as Grieve points out “I’m not sure what kind of spirit, if any, can still exist in such an extensively renovated apartment, a place where Ginsberg, Orlovsky and assorted guests such as Herbert Huncke and William Burroughs held forth around a crowded kitchen table.”
Read the rest of the story about the apartment at E.V. Grieve’s blog.

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