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News: Tate Britain Gets Facelift

Tate BritainOver the past ten years, visitors to the Tate Britain have gone up by over 60%, putting a toll on this somewhat modest gallery’s facilities. In order to help accommodate the new influx of patrons, the Tate Britain will undergo 45 million pounds in improvements, from new walls to a re-hanging of all the museum’s paintings.
Construction is set to begin in February. In addition to the sprucing up of existing walls and ceilings, a new spiral staircase will be added to the domes atrium at the entrance of the gallery, leading people down to a refurbished lower level. Visitors will also get the chance to explore the upper level of the gallery, which has not been open to the public since 1927. The expansion will be completed in two year.
The Tate Britain is home to British art, from 16th century portraits of Queen Elizabeth the First to contemporary pieces. The museum was built in the 1890s and despite its grand appearance, was once actually the home of the Millbank prison, the largest penitentiary in London from where 4,000 prisoners were transported to Australia each year.
Tate Britain
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