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News: Caravaggio on the Go

With 2010 marking the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio, events all over Rome and beyond have been happening to celebrate the life of the doomed painter, from special exhibitions to digging up the painters bones.
Now Scala Group International, an Italian multimedia company, has launched a new iPhone and iPad app called appropriately, CaravaggioMania.

The app includes:

  • 40 videos with in-depth analysis of Caravaggio’s main artworks
  • 40 informational texts highlighting key aspects of the art of Caravaggio
  • 40 images with high-resolution zoom option
  • an interactive video-panorama of the extraordinary Sala del Sileno, located in the Borghese Gallery in Rome
    biographical material
  • itineraries equipped with GPS option

It is now onsale in America for $1.99 but has already launched in Italy where it has been a huge success.

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