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We’re With the Band: Maitreya

Rapper Maitreya has had traveled a long road — from his native New Zealand to New York and back, with a little help from the internet along the way. After years of gigging his way around the world, the artist was one of the first acts to make it big on SellaBand, a website where fans “invest” in independent artists. ... Read More »

The Criterion Conversation (Part Two)

Last week we chatted with Criterion Collection producer Susan Arosteguy about the new Criterion edition of Wim Wenders’ homage to Berlin, ‘Wings of Desire’, which comes out November 3. We had so much to talk about — after all, Arosteguy has been with Criterion since the laserdisc days, working with directors like Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater and even the ... Read More »

Music We Love

Zee Avi got her start on that most modern of music venues — YouTube. The 23-year-old songstress was born in a tiny village on the island paradise of Borneo where she lived until 12. From there she moved to Kuala Lumpur in nearby Malaysia. But it wasn’t until she hit the internet that her music took off.   When a ... Read More »

Who Needs the Video Store?

We love all kinds of movies, all ways. We buy ’em, we Netflix ’em, we rent ’em at the video store. But what about when those times when Hulu queue just won’t do? That’s why we’re feeling WaxxFree, a YouTube channel that features tons and tons of old movies (plus links to similar channels). Now these babies probably won’t stay up there forever, ... Read More »

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