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Mad for Madchester

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, there’s only one sure cure: The Happy Mondays.   The Mondays were the bad-boy band at the center of the late 1980s “Madchester” scene — a trippy, dancy blend of music that was provided a cheery antidote to an earlier (and drearier) Manchester acts such as Joy Division, The Fall and The ... Read More »

Rock and Roll Real Estate: Legendary Abbey Road Studios Up for Sale by EMI

  Well here’s a unique commercial real-estate offering from the London market—record-label giant EMI is putting Abbey Road Studios, the legendary studios where much of the Beatles catalog and hundreds of thousands of other songs were first committed to tape. Located in the posh St John’s Wood, Abbey Road has become as famous for its exterior, featured on the Fab ... Read More »

The Creation Story

Just as cities have their scenes, sometimes there is a single record label that can define a genre or a place. In the ’80s and ’90s the place was England and the record label was Creation. Founded by Alan McGee in 1983 the label went on to promote iconic British acts including Primal Scream, Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain ... Read More »

The Scene in Six Sounds: Iceland

It’s Wednesday, which means our Ireland-based music guide, James Hendicott is back for another round of The Scene in Six Sounds. Last week he took us of South Korea that went way beyond K-Pop, today he’s out to prove that there’s way more to iceland than icebergs and Bjork…   Read More »

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