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Chronicles: African Burial Ground

In 1991, work began on new federal offices in downtown New York City but excavators soon turned-up something they weren’t bargaining for, skeletal remains. Building halted while archaeologists moved in to excavate what would end up to be the largest bioarchaeological site of its kind, which uncovered 419 men, women and children. The bodies were that of free and enslaved ... Read More »

Mad Men + New York City

  There isn’t another show on television that oozes style, sex and sophistication quite as well as Mad Men. And lucky for us, the show is back for their fourth season this Sunday on AMC at 10pm.   Set in mid-century Manhattan, Mad Men follows a Madison Avenue advertising agency as their employees struggle with family, clients and hippies. What ... Read More »

Chronicles: Bell Laboratories Building

At one time, the group of 13 buildings at 463 West Street in New York City was the largest industrial research center in the United States. Built in 1898 by Bell Laboratories, many pinnacle inventions were first tested here including talking movies in 1923, TV, the phonograph record and the first commercial broadcasts. The complex was also the home of ... Read More »

Chronicles: The Richest Apt in the World

740 Park Avenue has been called the “Richest apartment building in the world” and buying a mansion within its limestone walls is the dream of many aspiring millionaires. The hurdles to became one of the chosen few residents is a strenuous one and if the multimillion dollar price tag isn’t enough to stop you, the difficult co-op board is, turning ... Read More »

Chronicles: The Legacy of Tin Pan Alley

In 1899, The New York Herald hired journalist, and part-time composer, Monroe Rosenfeld to write a series of articles about the burgeoning song-writing business in New York. It is Rosenfeld, in an attempt to convey the cacophony of sound emanating from the popular music houses of the day all at once, who coined the phrase “Tin Pan Alley.” Eventually, the ... Read More »

Chronicles: Secrets of The Waldorf-Astoria

  Not all things are created for the pursuit of beauty or glory. Sometimes, they are created purely from spite. Such is the case of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.   In the midst of a family feud with his aunt, Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor, William Waldorf Astor decided to take his revenge by building a hotel directly next store to her ... Read More »

Chronicles: Ginsberg’s NYC

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…   As a poet, writer, activist and founding member of the Beatniks, Allen Ginsberg spoke for a generation. A generation striving to give a voice to the drug use, racism and oppression that fueled inner-city America in the 1950s, a voice idealism and optimism from a ... Read More »

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