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Spotlight On: Café de Flore

With its vibrant red booths and celebrity clientele, relaxing comfortably atop their bright cushions, eating breakfast, drinking coffee or even sipping champagne, the Café de Flore in Paris is one the city’s quintessential cafés. It has consistently been a Mecca for writers, painters, fashion designers, actors and all those with an artsy and creative flare.
A historical landmark in Paris since its inception around 1890, the Café de Flore has survived the onslaught of both World Wars to ensure that its trendy and sophisticated reputation remains as famous as its red booths and Art-Deco chandeliers. In the middle of the café, a large stove kept busy artists warm as they scribbled their latest provocative piece or debated politics before eating lunch. And over the years the Café became, to its loyal artisan customers, both a place to socialize and to work, as appointments were met and meetings scheduled. Writers and artists lounged within the intellectual bubble of the Café de Flore and were later joined by members of the silver screen and high fashion. In the 1960s Jane Fonda and Roman Polansky could be seen enjoying the Flore’s menu along with such fashion designers like Givenchy and Guy Laroche (along with their very famous and very beautiful models).

The Café de Flore was an institution that evolved into a house (and for some, a home) for intellectual and creative thought, where clients went to see and be seen. It is where Sharon Stone used to drink champagne and Jack Nicholson used to bathe in the sun in the open patio of the café. Yet, even if you haven’t written anything poetic, designed a garment once worn by Cindy Crawford, or even graced your high school stage (let alone the silver screen), visitors and tourists or more then welcomed to take advantage of the delicious menu and historical lore that the Café de Flore has to offer, which is a lot! Who knows, you may even spot Johnny Depp and Tim Burton dropping by during the day for a warm and fluffy croissant! —Nicole Ellul
Café de Flore
172 boulevard Saint-German, Paris 75006
+33 1 4548 5526

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