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Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World

Yamo’s Village Series, Book 3
By Yutaka Kobayashi

Interior_Return to the Village_s_Page_03Since he left his small village in Afghanistan, Mirado has been traveling around the world. He is the most popular performer in the circus and has gotten used to living in strange places. But every day, he remembers the village of Paghman and his friend Yamo.

And so he sets off on the long journey back to Paghman, the most beautiful village in the world. . . .

Yutaka Kobayashi’s text and illustrations beautifully portray Mirado’s life in the circus as well as the journey he takes alone to get back home. Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World is the third and final title in the Yamo’s Village series and it completes the trilogy with a sense of hope and possibility.

About the Author
Yutaka Kobayashi (1946–) is a Nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) artist and picture-book author. In 1979, his very first submission was accepted for the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (Nitten). He was a frequent visitor to the Islamic countries of Asia and the Middle East during the 1970s to early 1980s, and the main themes of his works reflect those visits.

Reviews for Yamo’s Village Series:

“Thank you for showing the beautiful sideof Afghanistan. I will display the books in our Consulate’s library for guests to enjoy.”
—Zelgai Sajad, Consulate General of Afghanistan

“A moving book about kindness, friendship, and hope in the context of conflict and displacement.”
—Kirkus STARRED Reviews

“Home calls, and Mirado will answer, no matter the challenges involved in getting back. His is a lovely, melancholy tale about the magic of returning.”
Foreword Reviews

“Stunning landscapes and colors tell the tale of Mirado’s journey, with the boy often appearing as a speck in a majestic backdrop. Young readers will feel the warmth of human company and the chill of solitude that marks such a trek.”

“Kobayashi’s vivid and colorful illustrations, together with detailed descriptions, effectively convey the lively nature of the village.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“It’s a reality for many children the world over and will be eye-opening for many American children.”
—Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

“This fine story introduces readers to Afghan village life, and allows them to relate with Afghan children, who enjoy many of the same things they do.”
—School Library Journal

“This poetic tale pits the joy and laughter of a circus against a harsh reality.”

“It’s a gorgeous book, a series of double-spread paintings that show the beauty of the landscape and the fun of the circus in tidy, child-pleasing detail.”
—The Horn Book

• ISBN 978-1-940842-45-5, US $17.99/CAN $23.99
• 40 Pages, 36 Beautiful Color Illustrations
• Hardcover Picture Book (10 3/4 in x 8 1/2 in)
• Written for children ages 5 to 7
• Mariko Shii Gharbi (translator), Simone Kaplan (editor)
• Available in stores and online November, 2020

Yamo’s Village Series:
Book 1: The Most Beautiful Village in the World (978-1-940842-25-7)
Book 2: The Circus Comes to the Village (978-1-940842-27-1)

Book 3: Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World (978-1-940842-45-5)

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