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Filming Locations New York


Alex Child


A film-lover’s guide to New York City, this book explores the city through iconic moments in cinema history. It is filled with interesting trivia and useful information for both locals and tourists, and includes now-and-then images, quotes, and location information for 180 famous films and TV shows, plus a complete index listing location information for New York movies. With Filming Locations New York, you can see a slice of Taxi Driver-era Times Square and “have what she had” at Katz’s Delicatessen just like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally…. From Marilyn Monroe’s famous subway grate scene to the apartment from Friends, discover the real-life locations from some of New York’s most famous films and TV shows.

Filming Locations New York is a perfect gift and a souvenir for film-lovers, New Yorker and tourists.

About the Author
Alex Child has lived in New York since 1987. After managing a movie and TV licensing business he has worked on publishing projects including Film+Travel Europe; Film+Travel Asia, Oceania, Africa; Film+Travel North America, South America; and Art+Travel Europe.

• ISBN 978-1-940842-23-3
• Hardcover Picture Book (7 1/2 in x 5 1/4 in)
• 244 pages, 290 color and B/W images
• 12 maps and film index
• $17.99/CAN $23.99
• Distribution by Independent Publishers Group
• November, 2018


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