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Chronicles of Old New York (2nd Edition)

Exploring Manhattan’s Landmark Neighborhoods

By James Roman

HENRY PATRICK RALEIGHs Did you know that Central Park was built on Seneca Village, a community of modest farms, also known as a safe haven for runaway slaves? Did you know Washington Square Park used to be a potter’s field? Author James Roman, a native New Yorker, brings to this guide an intimate knowledge and love of New York’s neighborhoods and the quirks of history that have helped shape the city. Discover 400 years of innovation through the true stories of the visionaries, risk-takers, dreamers, and schemers such as John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Stanford White, Gertrude Whitney and more with historical photographs and period maps. This second edition includes a new Broadway chapter and completely updated walking tours. A Must Read for anyone who loves New York City.

  • 26 meticulously researched articles on dramatic stories from Manhattan history
  • 60 maps, plus 390 photographs and illustrations
  • 9 easy-to-follow neighborhood walking tours
  • Paintings of New York scenes by Ashcan school artists and “Then and Now” photos
  • New York townhouse styles
  • Complete index

About the Author:
Jim_Roman_B-Ws A third-generation New Yorker, James Roman has regaled listeners with his chronicles of old New York as a real estate broker and sales manager for 15 years in Manhattan, and as a lecturer at the Real Estate Board of New York and New York University. He served as Editorial Contributor to New York Living magazine for six years, and contributes regularly to publications that document emerging technology. Readers can find him on re-runs of the HBO television series Six Feet Under, a break he attributes more to luck than to acumen.

Trade Paperback
308 pages, 5¼ x 8
390 Illustrations and Photos
26 Color Maps
Travel / History
April 2016
Distribution by IPG

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