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News: Inside Museum Secrets


A new series from History Television takes you even deeper inside museums than we do with a look at the mysteries that pervade some of the greatest institutions in the world. The six part Canadian series entitled Museum Secrets will look at: the Louvre, the Vatican Museums, London’s Natural History Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and promises to “unlock secrets, scandals and hidden treasures.”
Check out The Louvre episode on January 13th where: “The secrets of the Mona Lisa are unveiled – the brazen theft and how it became the most famous painting in history. The official portrait of Napoleon’s coronation is scrutinized to reveal a canvas of lies. We re-stage the freak jousting accident that killed a French king and find out whether modern medicine could have saved him. And we probe a king’s murder to discover if the assailant was a lone assassin or in league with a conniving queen.”

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