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News: Inflatable Artwork in Sydney

Architects of Air 
In front of the Sydney Opera House sits something that The Australian has described as a cross between a a gothic cathedral, a mosque and a giant, inflatable jumping castle.
Created by Architects of Air, the art installation entitled Mirazozo is a 48 meter long inflatable structure that through the manipulation of natural light and illuminated seams, creates futurist spaces within. 80 visitors at a time are allowed into the artwork and allowed to stay for 20 minutes. Mirazozo will be up until January 27th.
Architects of Air, from Nottingham, UK, “seeks to bring a visual surprise and excitement into the environment and to create the optimum conditions where people can be moved to a sense of wonder through the particular phenomenon of luminous colour.”
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Dawes Point 2000, Australia – (02) 9250 7111

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