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News: Duchamp’s ‘Unknown’ Brother

'On the beach', 1956, Jacques Villon

'On the beach', 1956, Jacques Villon

When all three of your brothers and sisters are fellow artists, particularly the famous Marcel Duchamp, it is hard to distinguish one’s own identity. Thus, Gaston Duchamp adopted the working pseudonym of Jacques Villon.
Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Unknown’ brother was a painter and graphic artist whose legacy includes almost 700 prints in addition to paintings. From 1950 onward his work earned international acclaim and his prints became popular collector’s items. This year, the Rijkesmuseum’s annual presentation at the Van Gogh Museum, will feature an exhibition of Villon’s work- a range of graphic techniques that Jacques Villon used, such as etching, aquatint, drypoint engraving and lithography; on view from July 9th to September 26th, 2010.
Van Gogh Museum
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