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News: Ask a Curator Day

Ever wish you could ask the curator at the Guggenheim how they come up with such diverse exhibitions or the Van Gogh Museum just how does one package a piece of an ear? Well thanks so the people behind Ask a Curator, you can.
“‘Ask a Curator Day’ on September 1st 2010 will open the door to these experts with a unique worldwide question and answer session which will let interested members of the public put questions to museum and gallery curators.”
Participation is simple, just go to the Ask a Curator site where you will find a list of museums around the world who will be answering questions. You can direct a question to the museum via Twitter, remember to hashtag your question #askacurator, or simply follow the hashtag to watch everyone else’s questions and answers. Some museums have already started answering questions, so if you can’t wait to ask The British Museum all about the Elgin Marbles, head over to Twitter now (and say hi to us while you’re at it).

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