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Museyon’s Guide to NYC’s Halloween Parade


Celebrating it’s 38th year, New York City’s Halloween Parade lists the following facts on their website about the event:

  • The nation’s largest public Halloween celebration
  • Named as The Greatest Event on Earth by Festivals International for October 31
  • Attended by over 2 million people, seen by over 1 million on TV
  • The nation’s only major night Parade
  • Seen LIVE on WPIX Channel 11 and NY 1 Television
  • Listed as one of the 100 Things to do Before You Die

And if that last one isn’t enough to get you to New York for Halloween, we don’t know what is because this event is all that and more. It is the bringing together of New Yorkers from all over, converging in one place in song and dance that as a participant, lasts two hours as you walk up 6th Avenue from Spring St. over a mile to 23rd St.
So how do you participate in the parade before you die? Easy. Before 6:30pm, head to the corner of 6th Avenue and Spring St. and join the masses but remember, this is New York, a place where Halloween is the most sacred of holidays, so be in costume. Many people in the parade spend months planning their outfits, which aren’t just costumes, but works of art.
The parade coordinators let people go onto the parade route in large groups starting at 7pm. Everyone will get their chance to walk but it may take a while, be prepared to wait, which won’t be a hardship- your fellow revelers are likely to be jolly and friendly. Once the parade ends, you will be over 20 blocks up town, so remember this when meeting-up with friends, most people tend to hop on the subway headed back downtown once they are through.

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