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Hooray for … Nollywood?


In Museyon Guide’s Film+Travel discover Africa’s cinematic landscape — from the otherworldly deserts of Tunisia to the streets of Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa. But what other African nation is home to a burgeoning film industry, one that’s bigger than Hollywood and second only to India’s Bollywood?


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Welcome to Nollywood, Nigeria’s wildly popular homegrown film industry. The business of film in Nigeria has exploded over the past two decades, with direct-to-DVD titles are churned out at an astounding pace — some 200 a month. In 2006, Nollywood produced nearly double the number of films as Hollywood. The scene is full of DIY excitement and energy, with films produced on low budgets and with B-movie sensibility.


See as Nollywood gets the Hollywood treatment in Nollywood Bablyon, the documentary featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


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