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Jeff Koons Coco, 365 Bars in 365 Days, and Hipster Homes and Gardens

Filmmakers are finding it harder and more expensive than ever to film scenes in the disappearing “dank alleys” of Manhattan. (HuffPo)
Refinery29 has a sneak peek of Todd “The Selby” Selby’s new photo-book tours of the fashionable homes of fashionable people. (Refinery29)
SXSW will play host to an award honoring what is often the best part of some movies, the opening-title sequence. (NYT)
The English are so rabid about musical theater that not only have they produced copious and contrasting reviews of “Love Never Dies”, the highly unnecessary sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera”, but now they’re reviewing the reviews. Sheesh. (Telegraph UK)
Chinese artists continue to make their stand against government-aided forces of gentrification. (PSFK)
Jaunted picks the five museum exhibits you absolutelypositivelynodoubt must see this Spring. (Jaunted)
One man is attempting (for a book deal of course) to drink at 365 New York bars in 365 days. Hopefully his agent will have a contract signed before the funeral. (Gothamist)
Thanks to online cheating, everyone can now enjoy student travel rates. (NYT)
New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple, get ready to spend more time sitting on the tarmac or hovering in the sky above JFK. (CNN)
At SFMoMA, Mondrian cakes and Richard Serra cookie constructions are on the menu. (Laughing Squid)

Photo courtesy of LarimdaME’s Flickr photostream.

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