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Music + Travel Worldwide

Traveling the World Through Sounds and Scenes.

Searching the globe for good music? Then listen up and look for Museyon Guides’s Music + Travel. With this new guidebook, curated by experts in the industry, you will: travel to Russia and experience the country’s long and inglorious outlaw culture’s sounds of Chanson; head to Buenos Aires to witness the development of Cumbia, from the lavish ’90s to its latest digital incarnation; go “underground” to check out Beijing’s ever-evolving, highly influential Experimental music scene; and get into Berlin’s private clubs that are playing the offspring of Techno. With varying cities and scenes, genres and influences, Music + Travel guides you across an insightful, international stage of sounds that helps you plan where to go and figure out what you don’t want to miss.

Contributors: Mikael Awake (A Walk to Beautiful), Shamik Bag (Rolling Stone), Mel Campbell (J-Mag), Nick Frisch (The Rest is Noise.com), James Hendicott (Bling), Jessica Hundley (Dazed & Confused), Eve Hyman (Time Out Buenos Aires), Alexandra Ivanoff (Time Out Istanbul), Miles Marshall Lewis (Vibe), Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader), Siobhan O’Leary (Publishing Trends), Alina Simone (recording artist)
  • Features 12 musical genres & music scenes
  • Loaded with side-bars and useful trivia about musicians
  • Discography of Artists’ albums
  • 100 festival locations covering all 12 genres & more across the globe
  • Timeline of historical events for each of the 12 genres
  • Detailed maps of venue locations
  • Jammed packed with color photos of cities, artists, albums & venues
  • Great gift for the travel lover or the musically obsessed
Trade Paperback
164 pages, 5 1/4 x 8
Full-Color Throughout
Carton Qty: 36
TRV000000: Travel/General
MUS049000: Music/Genres & Styles/General
November 2009

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