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Gon, the Little Fox

Written by Nankichi Niimi
Illustrated by Genjirou Mita

GonIn this retelling of Nankichi Niimi’s Japanese folktale masterpiece, delicate watercolors bring to life the mischievous yet kind-hearted spirit of Gon, the Little Fox. As the story begins, Gon is relishing his life as a roving and rascally fox. Each day brings a new opportunity for him to stir up trouble in a nearby village. On any day, he might be found digging up yams or setting fire to rapeseed husks. One day, however, Gon feels remorse for having killed an eel that was meant for a poor villager’s dying mother. This rare moment of conscience takes Gon down a path that ultimately leads to his fate. The story of Gon is bittersweet, so proceed with caution, as the little fox is sure to win over your heart.

About the Author:
Nankichi Niimi (1913-1943)
Known as the Hans Christian Andersen of Japan, children’s book author Nankichi Niimi started writing in junior high school and published Gon, The Little Fox at the age of 18. Although he passed away at only 29, he had already written a number of children’s books, songs, novels, poems, and plays during his short life. Niimi’s rich, highly imaginative storytelling is filled with both sadness and humor. With their universal themes, like the importance of friendship and living a beautiful life even in difficult times, his stories continue to be loved by many, both young and old.

About the Illustrator:
Genjirou Mita (1918-2000)
Artist and children’s book illustrator Genjirou Mita was a three-time winner of the Sankei Children’s Book Award for his illustrated books. In addition to his work in children’s books, Mita devoted his life to art education and served as the president of the Japan Art Association from 1989 to 1995.

Picture Book
36 pages, 8 1/2 x 9 3/4
19 Illustrations
Lexile: 780L
US$16.99 CAN$19.99
April 2015


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