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News: This is England ’86

  Focusing on the lives of non-racist and nationalist northern English skinheads in 1983, the 2006 film This is England by Shane Meadows opened to wide critical acclaim, making many ‘Best of’ lists for the year. Now four years later, Meadows is revisiting the characters he made famous in a four part TV sequel entitled This Is England ’86. The ... Read More »

Chronicles: A Folly in the Park


  Those visiting New York’s Central Park for the first time might be surprised to find on the map a castle. But to New Yorker’s, Belvedere Castle is the backdrop for Shakespeare in the Park, a common meeting place and a well loved landmark.   In 1869, Belvedere Castle was built as a folly (a building meant for decoration) by ... Read More »

Museyon’s Guide to the Weekend

Ambrogio Lorenzetti 'Allegory of Good Government'

Listen: Sufjan Stevens surprised the music world this morning when he released an eight song ep via BandCamp entitled, All Delighted People. The ep is available to download for $5 and to stream to your heart’s content here while it won’t be available in a physical copy until later this year. Sufjan’s 2005 album Illinois was named the “Best Album ... Read More »

News: Ask a Curator Day


  Ever wish you could ask the curator at the Guggenheim how they come up with such diverse exhibitions or the Van Gogh Museum just how does one package a piece of an ear? Well thanks so the people behind Ask a Curator, you can.   “‘Ask a Curator Day’ on September 1st 2010 will open the door to these ... Read More »

Chronicles: The Old Croton Aqueduct


  Back in the early days of New York City, water was a scarcity, yes, even on an island. The bedrock of the island made well drilling nearly impossible and the places where wells could be drilled only reached as far as the rain water, which was heavily polluted causing breakouts of cholera and yellow fever. In order to try ... Read More »

Spotlight On…Cinecittà Studios


  Not often does something started by a horrible dictator result in years of prosperity and art but Cinecittà Studios is that exception. Opened in April of 1937 by Mussolini in order to promote Italy and fascism with the slogan “Il cinema è l’arma più forte” (Cinema is the most powerful weapon), Cinecittà Studio is now the largest production studio ... Read More »

Chronicles: The Flatiron Building

  Built in 1902, the Flatiron building has become an iconic symbol of New York, gracing postcards and the openings of both Friends and The David Letterman Show. It is one of the world’s first skyscrapers and at the time it was built, was one of the tallest buildings in New York City. Read More »

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