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Museyon’s Guide To: Coachella

coachella for webv23.indd Each April, Coachella kicks off the manic summer music festival season. Why so early? Because it’s hot as heck in the California desert, that’s why.
This year, the three-day festival will feature headliners Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz. Other notables to the line-up are LCD Soundsystem, Thom Yorke and the reunions of Faith No More and Pavement. Want to attend this year? Too late, it’s sold out. Though we do hear that scalpers are roaming Craigslist right now. Wait until the last minute to purchase and you might just score a deal.
The Coachella festival grounds are a beautiful, yet fierce environment. Here’s our tips for enjoying what is without a doubt one of the better music festivals in the world without having heat stroke.

1. Wear sunscreen– It is hot, you are in the desert, be realistic here, this is no time to get a tan.
2. Drink water – Again, duh but seriously, SERIOUSLY, you are in the desert! Do not underestimate how dry the air is and end up missing the bands you just paid a lot of money to see because you are passed-out in the infirmary.
3. Watch the alcohol consumption – See above for reason.
4. See bands – Lie on the grass, stake out your claim in the front, see new groups you’ve never heard of, but the whole reason to go to Coachella is to see music so chill out and enjoy.
5. Chill out – Don’t be a jerk and ruin everyone’s good time. If you are there just to cause trouble, you’ll see yourself booted right out the gate.
6. Camping – If you were able to grab a camping spot, make sure and check out Coachella’s information page, it’s great.
7. Bring money – Coming with only a credit card just won’t fly here, have cash if you want to eat.
8. Earplugs – Take it from a veteran, if your ear drums aren’t already ruined by too much rock, preserve them now.

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