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Scorsese to LACMA: “I Am Deeply Disturbed”

LACMALast month, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced it would be cutting its Weekend Films series to “pause for re-thinking” and focus on more “artist-created films” starting this November. Well people are speaking out, including famed director Martin Scorsese, who took his case to the LA Times in an open letter to LACMA director Michael Govan. He asks, if film can’t be appreciated in its hometown of Hollywood is it safe anywhere? What do you think, does film belong in the museum? Is this a sign of things to come?


The film department is often held at arms’ length at LACMA and other institutions, separate from the fine arts, and this simply should not be. Film departments should be accorded the same respect, and the same amount of financial leeway, as any other department of fine arts. To do otherwise is a disservice to cinema, and to the public as well.

Meanwhile, Govan has agreed to a “popcorn summit” with the group Save Film at LACMA for Sept. 1. Donors have also begun stepping forward to help the ailing film program.

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