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Where in the World?

Chung_King_HKIt may not look like much, but this building complex helped introduce the West to a major director. Originally planned as cheap housing, the buildings now features apartments, low-budget hotels, shops, and restaurants, covering 17 stories and an entire block. A gathering place for many of its city’s minority groups, Time Magazine called this it “the best example of globalization” in its 2007 Best of Asia issue. So … where is it?





The star of Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 film ‘Chungking Express,’ the Chungking Mansions are at 36-44 Nathan Road in the Tsimshatsui neighborhood of Hong Kong.

Want to know more about Hong Kong’s film industry? Well stay tuned because very soon we’re going to meet Scarlet Cheng, your guide to Hong Kong: The City in Pictures.

Photo © Akira Chiba

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