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We Survived A Night At “The Dirtiest Hotel In America 2010”

As we learned from Gadling, TripAdvisor, San Francisco’s Hertiage Marina Hotel has beat out the competition to land at the top of the “Dirtiest Hotel In America” list for 2010. A user-generated honor, TripAdvisor offers the review of one former guest: “This hotel is like in a horrible horror movie! The bed was a nightmare. It smelled like urine and had strange spots.” Well you know what, buddy, you got off lucky. We can clearly remember the day we checked into the hallowed halls of the Heritage Marina (as citizens of the world, we prefer accommodations with a story, a “heritage” to experience) and while we enjoyed the in-room hair dryer and smoke detectors at “one of San Francisco’s best values”, we have a harrowing tale to tell.

After leaving our luggage in our fetid quarters, we stepped out for a meal, only to find we could not enter our room once we returned. Luckily, a sociable fellow, an Asian man if we remember, came down the hall at that moment and asked us, “what room you in?” After answering, we were surprised to see him produce a loop of 30 room keys and open our door. Naturally, we asked the Heritage’s concierge (at least we hope it was a concierge) who that kindly, helpful gentleman was. “He’s not on our staff,” he said, “that’s Mr. Right.” Yes, we had met the local pimp who didn’t just have the key to our room, but the keys to every accommodation at the Heritage. Talk about “room service”. So, bravo Heritage Marina — you do Fog City proud.
By the way, do you rent rooms by the hour?
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