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Dinner and a Movie

Julie_JuliaIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ has inspired some tasty tributes. After all, Child was the woman who convinced the average American that they too can learn the secrets of French cuisine. Well over at the glasses glasses blog — one of our favorite new sites on the web — they’re cooking up a dish worthy of Ms. Julia Child herself. Not only that, but the geniuses at the site have managed to do it on the cheap, while creating a meal reminiscent of the one that started Child’s love affair with French food. It’s part of their weekly “2 for 10” series, where they cook up a meal for two for under $10. (Although this week the author admits to losing track of the total tab.) We’ll let her off easy this week, because the meal comes  with matching martinis. We say, “cheers” to that!

image: Sony Pictures

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