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News: Chronicles of Old New York!

We’re happy to announce that our newest publication, Chronicles of Old New York is now on sale! Buy it here on our site, Amazon or Barnes and Noble!   The history of New York City is written in its streets; uncover it with Chronicles of Old New York, a new guide enjoyable for history buffs, New York residents, and NYC ... Read More »

Chronicles: Death Shall Have No Dominion

“Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how we laughed away the hours And dreamed of all the great things we would do”   And so begins Gene Raskin’s song, “Those were the Days,” written in the early 1960s as a lament for the passing of the golden folk ... Read More »

Chronicles: Tenors and Tiramisu at Ferrara’s Cafe & Bakery

With the constant re-vamping of New York City and the bleeding over of neighborhoods into the next (“East Williamsburg,” anyone?), few places have held strong to their traditional roots. In that small subset of Old New York institutions that rages against the dying of the old ways is Ferrara’s Bakery & Cafe, a spot where espresso snobs’ and sugar addicts’ ... Read More »

Chronicles: The Gilded Age of Sherry’s

Top Chef may have introduced Middle America to haute cuisine but fine dining has been a part of New York City ever since the Delmonico family opened their eponymous restaurant in the early 19th century.  By the end of that century, New Yorkers’ taste for dining out grew with their wallets and Louis Sherry served the Gilded Age glitterati the ... Read More »

Chronicles: Revolution at Cherry Lane

Housed in a former farmhouse-turned brewery-turned industrial factory is the oldest continually-running Off-Broadway theater in New York City.  Since its 1924 founding by Edna St. Vincent Millay and friends, the Cherry Lane Theatre has hosted performances involving an illustrious string of historical treasures (considering its budget and size) such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Samuel Beckett and modern personalities like ... Read More »

Chronicles: Who is John Jacob Astor?

Born Johann Jakob Astor into a poor family of refugees in Waldorf, Germany, John Jacob Astor was the first man in America to fulfill the American dream of becoming obscenely wealthy. In fact, considering inflation, interest rates, the national debt and various other technical jargon, John Jacob Astor was the fourth wealthiest man in American history who would have had ... Read More »

Chronicles: Ginsberg’s NYC

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…   As a poet, writer, activist and founding member of the Beatniks, Allen Ginsberg spoke for a generation. A generation striving to give a voice to the drug use, racism and oppression that fueled inner-city America in the 1950s, a voice idealism and optimism from a ... Read More »

Chronicles: NYC’s Hidden Burial Ground

The history of New York City is written in its streets but sometimes, that history is meant to remain covered. This is what construction workers discovered last October during renovations to Washington Square Park that turned-up a disturbing surprise, a tombstone. There is a reason why digging in the park is allowed only to go as deep as three feet ... Read More »

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